Investing in People

Investing in People is not just a philosophy, or even a good idea, it’s the reason why we exist and why we put 100% effort into every day. This investment reaches farther than just our team, it also reaches our trade partners, our clients, and the municipalities in which we work.

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Dedicated to Development

In the highly competitive underground utility and sitedevelopment arena, RPD is dedicated to developing people - as well as projects. We will be renowned for striving for perfection in every aspect of our daily operations, while having positive impacts on the lives we influence. We have also developed a culture of safety - which is a conscious, non-negotiable, everyday commitment.

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Creating Partnerships

Since our formation, our focus has been on creating partnerships with those for whom we work. Our success relies on their success. We take this commitment to our clients extremely seriously, and because of that we have developed lasting relationships.

The pinnacle of our success is earning our client’s trust.

High Trust = Low Cost and High Speed
Low Trust = High Cost and Low Speed

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