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Applicants ranging from entry level to experienced will be considered, but construction experience is preferred and civil construction experience is ideal. Applicants must be a great fit for the RPD culture, being highly reliable, self-motivated, and having a great attitude and positive mindset. There are numerous opportunities at RPD for applicants who fit this description. We are dedicated to providing an employee-focused culture and team-oriented environment, with a strong emphasis on developing successful employees.

Applicants Shall:

  • Have a current and valid driver’s license, free of any major violations and a functional vehicle or reliable independent means of transportation to and from the jobsite. Punctuality and reliability are a baseline requirement at RPD.
  • Submit to a background check and pass an initial drug test and subsequent random drug tests.
  • Be able to work in a number of different locations throughout the greater Puget Sound, as work locations may change regularly.
  • Be flexible in their work schedule. Hours vary by job, location, schedule and season. We try to not work nights or Sundays.
  • Have a willingness to work hard to complete tasks set before them.
  • Respect authorities’ decisions and the rules and values of the company.

Employment Benefits Include:

  • Industry-leading, competitive pay scale with ample opportunities for discretionary raises and bonuses. Starting pay DOE.
  • A high likelihood of working full-time, year round.
  • New employees are entitled to full medical, vision and dental insurance coverage (100%of premiums paid by RPD) on the first day of the month following a 60-day eligibility period.
  • Spouses and children are entitled to full medical and vision insurance coverage on the first day of the month following a 12-month eligibility period. Employees can opt to add spouses and children to the insurance plan at their cost during the eligibility period.
  • RPD offers a 401K Plan for each employee with eligibility beginning after 12-months of consecutive employment with RPD. The company offers 100% contribution matching up to 8% of the employee’s gross earnings.
  • RPD offers one week of un-bankable paid vacation after three years of consecutive employment.


The critical role of a laborer at RPD is vast and varied, supporting dirt and pipe crews both on and off equipment, performing tasks ranging from grade-hop to top-man. To fulfill the requirements of this role, applicants must be physically able to lift, carry, dig, rake, cut, and compact, among other potentially strenuous activities. Laborers who prove themselves and gain valuable RPD experience can choose their career paths, specializing in either earthwork or utilities and becoming pipe layers or operators with great opportunity for leadership if desired.

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Pipelayers are responsible for the installation or modification of various pipe systems such as sewer, storm, or water. They must have the basic fundamentals of pipe laying and the knowledge to achieve various tasks in a safe and effective manner.

The pipelayer works with the foreman to provide a quality product that meets the quality standards of the jurisdictional agency while exceeding our client’s expectations. The pipelayer is the quarterback of the team. They are the play callers and set the pace for the rest of the crew.

At RPD, pipe crews are often versatile and may be tasked with various project-related tasks on occasion that are not directly related to the installation of pipe.

RPD Pipelayers are expected to:

  • Have a minimum of three years’ experience.
  • Be able to perform manual labor that includes shoveling, lifting heavy and sometimes awkward objects repetitively throughout the day.
  • Have a good working knowledge and understanding of how to read plans and drawings with basic math skills to calculate pipe and structure elevations and slopes.
  • Be a perfectionist, taking great pride in your work. Pipe failure is not an option.
  • Be self-sufficient in preparing for the day’s activities and in directing the team.
  • Be knowledgeable of the current OSHA laws and regulations, maintaining relentless trench safety standards.
  • Maintain tools and equipment so that they are kept in good working order.
  • Keep daily notes on productivity, logging piping installation date on the as-built plan set.
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At RPD, there are two paths for prospective and experienced equipment operators:

The first is on a pipe crew, either as a backfill/loader operator or a mainline digger. Pipe crews handle all site-related underground utilities, from underground stormwater facilities and deep sanitary sewers to high pressure water mains. RPD excels at all facets of the utility installation process. At times, pipe crews may also help finish up a project with minor fine and/or final grading and other miscellaneous tasks.

The second opportunity is to be on the earthwork team. From residential plat and commercial site stripping and mass grading, to lot and pad grading, substantial stormwater pond shaping, road and sidewalk grading, and extensive retaining wall projects, RPD puts its vast knowledge of material specifications, compaction, soil amendment, and sequencing to work with our more than capable fleet of dozers, scrapers, graders, rollers, excavators, loaders and on- and off-road trucks.

Applicants new to the industry will need to start as a laborer to gain valuable experience in various roles before having the opportunity to operate. It can take a few years to get to that point.

RPD Operators are expected to:

  • Have a minimum of three years of operating 650 or larger size dozers, 624 or larger size loaders, and/or 210 or larger size excavators in a civil construction capacity, and may be asked to operate rollers, haul trucks, backhoes and even scrapers as needed.
  • Have a knowledge and understanding of how to read plans and drawings with basic math skills to assist ground men with cuts and fills.
  • Operators are part of a team – they are laborers that are asked to operate. It is expected that operators will get out of the machine and help another team member on the ground when necessary.
  • Maintain equipment in “like-new” condition to the extent possible:
    • Perform equipment pre-work inspections.
    • Allow machine adequate warm-up time.
    • Ensure routine maintenance, including fluids and lubes, is completed every day. If not done by company lube truck, then it is the operator’s responsibility.
    • Keep cabs clean and free of debris, lunch garbage, etc.
    • Ensure all floor mats are swept and free of dirt/mud.
    • Ensure monitors are wiped down.
    • Immediately report any repair or maintenance issues to foreman.
    • Treat the equipment you are operating as if it is your own. Excessive abuse is not acceptable.
    • Perform post-work inspections; Ensure all tracks, undercarriage and underbody are free from mud and debris.
  • Safety is priority #1:
    • Always be aware of your surroundings and any potential hazards to you, your equipment, or your crew.
    • Never compromise trench safety; always use proper shoring.
    • Utilize proper rigging and hoisting techniques.
    • Never operate a cell phone while operating.
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